High School Mission Statement

"Providing an education which enables students to adapt to an
ever-changing world"


  1. Students can learn and experience success.

  2. Student learning is maximized when reinforced at home and in the community.

  3. Student learning is enhanced by teacher effectiveness.

  4. Student learning must be supported by the appropriate allocation of resources.


  1. Students will be held responsible for their social and academic development.

  2. Instructional practices will be appropriate to meet the needs of learners.

  3. Decisions will be made in the best interests of learners.

  4. The school environment will be positive and caring.

  5. Curriculum will be designed to meet the needs of students.

  6. Student learning will incorporate current technology.

  7. Partnerships with parents and community will be promoted.

  8. Comprehensive communication between school and parents will take place.

  9. A staff development program and evaluation component will be in place.