Missed School due to Snow Days… Now What?

February 28, 2019

This winter got off to a slow start, but it is now making up for it! The recent snow and cold temperatures have made for hazardous travel and difficult decisions regarding school. Now that we have had several days off of school, some may be wondering what this means or if/how days may be made up.

There are state requirements on the amount of school that we must offer in a school year. Even with the delays and cancellations, we are still well over the state minimum for instructional hours. With that said, there will be a discussion about missed days and how we want to handle them at our next school board meeting on March 13.

In the event that we decide to add school days back, we will not need to prolong our school year in June. Mostly likely, we would pick a Friday(s) a month or so out and add them as school days. This is another nice feature of the 4-day week. If days are going to be added back, we will communicate those to families well in advance for you to make plans.

Again, thank you to our families for being flexible with schedules this month. It has been rather eventful, and one that I am ready to be done with. I’m sure the kids have enjoyed the time off and playing in the snow, but I am ready to have them back in our classrooms.

Todd Miller, Superintendent