• RE:        Notice of Intent to Award RFP: 2019SANCAT2

      Santiam Canyon School District issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) on 1/28/2019.  The Objective of the RFP was to request proposals for wireless access points and internal cabling to provide connectivity to end user devices

      Proposal(s) were evaluated using the evaluation process described in the RFP. Through this Notice of Intent to Award, Santiam Canyon School District identifies CVE Technologies Group Inc. as the apparent successful proposer and herby intends to award a contract for this Service Provider for the work describe in the RFP.

      Santiam Canyon School District would like to thank all of the bidding vendors for your interest in providing our district with services and for your effort in preparing a proposal.  If you have any questions about this Notice of Intent to Award, please contact Sam Proctor at the email address or phone number listed below.

      Contact Name:
      Sam Proctor, Technology Director

      Santiam Canyon School District
      PO Box 198 – 450 SW Evergreen St.
      Mill City, OR 97360
      503-897-2321 ext 309