Building our Future

May 22, 2019

Dear Santiam Community,

Nearing the midnight hour of election night, the first smile started to crack upon my face. It was sinking in that the years of planning and work was going to become a reality. I began to envision beautiful new classrooms for generations of Santiam students. I could also start to let go of the worry of an overcrowded future and the worry of a failed building. My smile was for the kids and for our community, and what this means for our future.

With the passage of the school construction bond, we will be able to build safer, more secure and comfortable facilities for our kids. We will be able to build needed classrooms to keep class sizes down and add new programs. We will be able to better serve our students’ educational needs, health and wellness. We will be able to give our kids the facilities they deserve.

This outcome could not have been possible without the work and support of many dedicated community members. This more than two year process has been challenging, yet rewarding. The dedication of the school board and staff to stick with this process and contribute countless hours produced a quality product to present to the community. The work of the school board and Long Range Facilities Planning Committee has paid off. Something to be proud of: school construction experts are looking at our project as leading edge and possibly as the solution for other rural schools around the state. Others are taking notice!

I also want to thank the community. We have volunteers in this community who stepped up and carried the torch of this project and helped spread the word. They need to be thanked for their efforts. It also needs to be pointed out that the Santiam voters just paid it forward to our kids. You just sent a powerful message to our students. You just told them that they matter and that we stand together. Together your votes extend beyond the schools, building a vital rural community.

Thank you to the Santiam community for your trust and support in this project. Today we made history, and tomorrow we get back to work. I will wear the smile for the kids, yet my eyes are already fixed upon the next steps and the work ahead.

Both Marion and Linn counties have counted all the ballots they have in hand, and are only waiting on challenged votes and ballots turned into the wrong county. There should not be much change from this point.

I am excited to start building our future, and thrilled for the kids of the Santiam Canyon! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Todd Miller, Superintendent

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