Santiam Canyon recipient of Million Dollar Grant

July 11, 2019

I have great news to share with the community! This week we were shown an example of how community support can build and grow into something larger. Santiam Canyon School District was just awarded a state bond matching grant from the Oregon Department of Education in the amount of $1,032,926.50 to add to our community-approved $17.9 million bond. This is a significant grant that we became eligible for, thanks to the support of our voters!

These new grant funds are in addition to our voter-approved construction dollars. Just as our bond dollars, these grant funds can be used only for the project listed in the ballot description and cannot be used for operational costs, staffing or other projects. No decision has been made as to how these additional funds will be used, but it could be used to increase building size, upgrade components and materials, further develop the site, add classroom furnishings, offset unforeseen costs, etc.

As an update, we are currently working with financial institutions and bond counsel to prepare the sale of our bonds on the open market. The bond sale date is expected for July 30, after which time, we will collect the funds for the project.

We currently have our Project Management Company and Architecture Firm selected, and will soon be reviewing proposals for General Contractors. We have building plans still to finalize, yet once we get updated concepts in hand, we will pass those along for the community to review and comment. Much of the work these coming months will be ‘behind the scenes’ with architects, engineers, contractors, city and county planners, technical surveying and utilities.

We will continue to do our best to leverage available funds and keep our costs down, while retaining a quality product for our students and community. As the work continues, I am pleased to take a moment to celebrate this huge grant for our community and students! What a great time for Santiam and the future.


Todd Miller, Superintendent