School Construction Update

January 28, 2020

Dear Santiam Community,

An exciting transition is coming! After months and years of planning, preliminary work will begin on our campus in preparation for the new classroom buildings to be constructed.

Starting in March, contractors will begin preliminary groundwork on the back of the SJSHS campus. As the work progresses through spring, we should even get to see initial construction of the new classroom buildings at SJSHS and cafeteria at SES before school is out for summer.

We are working on logistics to allow the contractors to start their work while school is in session, while also keeping our students safe and areas functional. The earlier we can get them started on our buildings, the better chance we have of them being completed by the start of school next fall. This is a tall order, but we are progressing with this goal in mind. There is a high probability that not all buildings will be completed by the first day of school, but the more we have done by then, the better off we are.

First off, be prepared that there will be some disruption around our campus this spring and through summer/fall. It will happen. We will keep you apprised of information as we get it. I say this in hopes that you will be patient with us through some temporary disruptions as we work toward our long-term vision. Second, I am getting so excited to see this project progress into a reality for our students. The increased and improved instructional spaces will pay dividends for our students for years to come, and will become a place of pride for the Santiam community!

As of now, we are tentatively working to see the following spaces built and ready for use by:

  • SJSHS classroom buildings- partially finished and in use by fall of 2020. To be entirely completed by winter 2020.
  • SES cafeteria and city sewer hookup- finished and in use by fall of 2020.
  • SJSHS auxiliary gymnasium (second gym)- finished and in use by summer of 2021.

At any point in the project, we could experience delays, so we stay focused on our timelines and goals, yet also remain prepared to adjust along the way. Thank you for your patience and understanding that could occur as the construction begins around our campus. It will be exciting to watch the transformation take place in the coming months!

To view a slideshow of current conceptual images, visit our website and click on the ‘Bond’ tab.


Todd Miller, Superintendent