Free ‘GRAB AND GO’ Lunches and Breakfasts

March 17, 2020

Throughout this emergency closure time, we are committed to continuing our food service program Monday-Thursday. Each Thursday, kids will get two lunches and breakfasts to make up for Friday. We will be providing ‘grab and go’ sack lunches and breakfasts and distributing them around our large district. See below for delivery locations and times.

11:00-11:20- Idanha Community Church, 397 Church St.
11:30-11:50- Fire Hall, 107 Hwy 22

12:00-12:20- Fire Hall, 160 Detroit Ave. N

Mill City
12:00-12:30- Santiam Jr/Sr High School Cafeteria 265 SW Evergreen St

10:40-11:00- Fire Hall, 140 E Sorbin St.
11:10-11:30- Sierra Market, 302 Hwy 22