School District Update – Feb. 16, 2021

February 16, 2021

Dear Santiam Families,


After all we have been through this year, I shouldn’t be surprised to be cancelling school again, but I am. Santiam Canyon School District will be closed for school and all services for the remainder of this week, Feb. 16-19. Many families are still without power and have left the area. While our schools are fortunate to have power, we do not have any internet, phone or cell service. This makes it impossible to do distance learning and poses safety risks since we cannot contact families or emergency services. There are also many power lines and tree issues around the district making travel difficult or unsafe. To help families plan their week and take care of themselves at this time, we are cancelling for the remainder of this week. We do not know when these essential services will be repaired in our area. We will keep you posted as we learn more.


We were supposed to begin in-person learning for SJSHS students next week, on Feb. 23, but that is now delayed until Monday, March 1. We needed this week for construction crews to finish work (which has been hindered by the storm) and give our teachers this week to train on teaching to both in-person students and online students at the same time. These trainings cannot happen without the technology infrastructure working. We are pushing back in-person learning one week to make sure we are fully prepared to do both well and safely. I really want students to return to campus, so this is not an easy announcement to make, but it is in our best interest to delay until March 1.


SES will continue to have their distance learning student material pickup on February 25. SJSHS is moving their distance learning material pickup also to February 25. This is only for families who will be continuing with distance learning. Those who will be attending in-person do not need to pick up materials.

KEY DATES (fingers crossed they won’t change)

  • Monday, Feb, 22- SES students return to either distance learning or in-person learning. SJSHS students return to distance learning.
  • Thursday, Feb. 25- SES and SJSHS material pickup day for distance learners.
  • Monday, March 1- SJSHS students begin in-person learning or continue with distance learning.

I think we have reached our max on emergencies for the year. I would tell you to please reach out to us if you need support, but at this time, we have no communications to the schools. I will let you know when that changes. Take care of yourself and your neighbors during this time and please help us spread this news.


Todd Miller