Free COVID Tests for Families

May 19, 2022
Santiam Families,
We were given a huge supply of free COVID tests to give out to our families. These are the at-home rapid tests that give results in 15 minutes. Each box contains two test kits that are simple to administer yourself. We are giving them out free to our families. Each family can grab 4 boxes (or 8 tests). lf you would like to get some of these rapid tests, you can either:
  • Stop by your child’s school office and ask for them
  • Stop by the district office and ask for them
  • Call your child’s school office and request that they send them home with your child. We will only do this with parent permission.
Expiration Date Note: Each box has a ‘use by’ date. These dates have been approved for extension of 3 additional months, and the word is that they could get another extension of 3 more months once more testing is complete, but as of now, you can add three more months to the ‘use by’ date. Example: If it says 2022-06-23 (that’s June 23, 2022), it really expires on 2022-09-23 (that’s September 23, 2022).
For information about the test kits, check out . We are not the experts on these tests, we are only passing them along to our families to have as a resource if you choose so.
Take care,
Todd Miller, Superintendent